The Lowdown on Online Dating

Bet your grandma didn’t know about online dating until now! Online dating is now one of the most prolific dating medium, which beats even SMS/text dating and video dating services. Considering that internet connections, personal computers and laptops are now internationally used, it’s one of the best ways of getting to know and, hopefully, courting someone special.

The Advantages:

One of the greatest advantages of online dating is that, in most cases, you don’t have to have movie star looks to talk to someone. After all, there’s a choice between using a webcam and just chatting. Insecure and shy people can get to know a person through words, and thoughts and not just looks. It allows the person to be free with their thought flows, reasoning and sharing without having to deal with people killing all chances you might have in “snagging” a partner just because you’re not wearing signature jeans. Emotions and mental connections through online dating can be reinforced to the point where physical deficiencies do not matter as much as the relationship itself.

Another advantage is that most people who do not have enough funds to go to fancy restaurants or pubs can still have a date online. Distance will not matter (who cares if she’s an African princess, as long as she’s online) because that chat room is your table for two, and the webcam let’s you see each other just fine.

The Disadvantages

Online dating has one of the highest cases of fraud and cybercrimes among all dating mediums and categories. There have been many cases of meet-ups between these online daters that would end in one crime or another. Though there are also a good number of exceptions to this rule, and have their own happily-ever-after endings, it still pays to be safe. Always make sure you have all correct personal details of your chat date before you meet him or her. Otherwise, stay online or don’t even meet through web at all.


How To Stand Out From The Crowd And Make Online Dating Work For You

When you enter into online dating with the sole aim of being successful in your search, then being unique is what you should think about. You really can’t be like everyone else and expect that potential partners will look at you any different. When you work on being unique or doing things a little differently, then you will manage to set yourself apart from the rest of the singles. There are a few things you can do to stand out and attract attention.

1. Don’t tell, show it.

Generic dating profiles usually have all the same things where you list what you like and the kind of person you are. Sometimes describing yourself in fancy words does not always give the right image of you. To ensure that the message is delivered home, how about demonstrating it? For instance, if you feel you are fun and smart, how about showing it by your choice of words? And if you are attractive and love cooking, how about using photos to show instead of mentioning? Photos can tell a lot about the kind of a person you are so getting some amazing, unique shots and upload them on your profile.

2. Don’t be basic

This is where most people go wrong and become like everyone else. You love to laugh and you love to have a good time but who doesn’t? Everybody does and this makes you appear very basic. Think outside the box and repackage yourself from an angle many people do not think around. Before putting in down, think whether it is something that appears to be universal and if it is, then do not include it. You should actually take a look at yourself and list what makes you a unique person then let it show in your profile. People love a new challenge and a different one for that matter and when you let your uniqueness show, you definitely will manage to set yourself apart.

3. Avoid using clichés

This goes to pick up lines and compliments that you use when dating online. Do not say what you know the other person expects you to say simply because it has been set as the norm. Break the norm and keep of clichés and you will go far. In fact, you should think less about impressing the other person with sweet flowery words used by everyone else and instead concentrate on your true feelings and what makes you tick when it comes to them. What you say and how you say it can make a huge difference for you so be careful and think outside the usual.

4. Create a curiosity gap

It is said that honesty and telling it like it is should be the way to go. But even as you open yourself out to others, do it in such a way that you trigger interest for them to want to find out more about you. Give away little bits of important details about yourself, but leave your potential dates yearning for more.


How to Create a Flirty Screen Name for Online Dating

You are all geared up to have some fun and hopefully meet someone wonderful online but before you start you want to create a catchy screen name for yourself. How should you go about creating a flirty screen name for yourself?

1. Who are you? To create a screen name that fits you, you need to define who you are.

a. What two or three words best describe you? If you are not sure about this ask a few close friends or family members to describe you in a few words. At this point you just want to get great adjectives that describe your personality or your temperament or your character or your behavior. And be as honest as you possibly can as you want to convey your essence in a flirty way but you also want to remain true to who you are.

b. Synonyms? Now look for synonyms for those words that best describe you. Get as many synonyms as you can so that you have a wide variety of choices. You can use an online dictionary or your MS word thesaurus or whatever resources you have. And make sure that you do use a resource or reference as it will be invaluable in giving you words that you normally wouldn’t have thought about and this will widen your online name options.

2. Type of online dating. What kind of outcome do you want out of your online dating? Is it a one night adventure or a fling or a holiday romance or a long term relationship? This will determine the sort of screen name that you choose.

3. Which is your target audience? Who do you want to connect with? What age bracket is that and what impresses that age bracket? What are the values and key attitudes of the people you want to attract online? To create the name that will get you the right online connections or views you need to know as accurately as possible who it is that you want to appeal to.

4. What image do you want to convey? To create a flirty screen name you need to know the type of image that you want to create. You want your name to conjure up certain images in the mind of those who view you. What image is that?

5. Create your flirty screen name. Choose one or two words that best describe you from step 1 and then based on steps 2 to 4 get a word or words that best illustrates who you are to the right audience. Combine the words in different ways until you get a combination that makes you happy or that fits best what it is that you want to convey.

Creating a flirty screen name for online dating requires you to follow these simple steps and you will get a name that will be uniquely you but if you don’t follow these steps then you will probably end up with a common screen name that doesn’t reflect your uniqueness.


Avoid These Traps When Going Into Online Dating

There can be a variety of problems when utilizing online dating sites.

Some sites expect members to subscribe “blind,” meaning that users have had little or no ability to search or preview the profiles they will get to see. eHarmony is one example of this kind of site.

A majority of dating sites keep profiles online for months or even years since the last time the person has logged in, thereby making it seem as though there are more available members than there actually are.

For paying members, it is often unclear whether a potential contact has a full subscription and whether he or she will be able to reply. Some sites prevent a potential contact from even reading a paying member’s messages unless the contact also subscribes. There are still, however, a few established free dating sites that allow users to reply to messages.

Some sites require that both the sender and recipient of messages be subscribers before any off-site communication or contact can be arranged, and will filter messages to remove email addresses, telephone numbers, web addresses and surnames. Subscribers who attempt to circumvent this restriction may lose their membership and be removed from the site.

Some profiles may not represent actual daters, but are “bait profiles” that have been placed there by the site owners to attract new paying members. Both Yahoo Personals and have received several complaints about this tactic. Some users spam sites with “fake” profiles that are in reality advertisements to other services, such as prostitution, multi-level marketing, or other personals websites.

Even when members’ profiles are “real”, there is still an inherent lack of trust with other members. Many members misrepresent themselves by telling flattering ‘white lies’ about their height, weight, age, or by using old and misleading photos. Members can, of course, ask for an up-to-date photograph before meeting others. Matrimonials Sites are a variant of online dating sites, and these are geared towards meeting people for the purpose of getting married. Gross misrepresentation is less likely on these sites than on ‘casual dating’ sites. Casual dating sites are often geared more towards short term (potentially sexual) relationships.

Online predators find online dating sites especially attractive, because such sites give them an unending supply of new targets of opportunity for Internet fraud. A recent study, led by Dr. Paige Padgett from the University of Texas Health Science Center, found that there was a false degree of safety assumed by women looking for love on the internet, exposing them to stalking, fraud, and sexual violence. Some online dating sites conduct background checks on their members in an attempt to avoid problems of this nature.

Most members are enticed to join dating websites with free or low-priced “trial” memberships advertised on many other websites. On sites which require credit card information to join at all, these trial memberships may automatically become full memberships at the end of the trial period and charge the full monthly fee, without any additional action from the member, regardless of whether the member has actually used the services or not.

Some members have expressed complaints about the billing practices of certain dating sites. In some cases, trial memberships that were canceled within the trial period were automatically re-billed even after canceling. To avoid these potential problems, some users have advised using a virtual credit card number which is offered by several credit card companies.

On any given dating site, the sex ratio is commonly unbalanced. For example, eHarmony’s membership is about 58% female and 42% male, whereas the ratio at is about the reverse of that. When you get into the specialty niche websites where the primary demographic is male, you typically get a very unbalanced ratio of male to female or female to male. Niche sites cater to people with special interests, such as sports fans, racing and automotive fans, medical or other professionals, people with political or religious preferences (e.g. Jewish), people with medical conditions (e.g. HIV+, obese), or those living in rural farm communities.

Disreputable sites such as Quechup may harvest users’ personal information and contacts for use in e-mail spam.

Consolidation within the online dating industry has led to different newspapers and magazines now advertising the same website data base under different names. In the UK, for example, Time Out (‘London Dating’), The Times (‘Encounters’), The Daily Telegraph (‘Kindred Spirits’), all offer differently named portals to the same service — meaning that a person who subscribes through more than one publication has unwittingly paid more than once for access to just one site.


Chubby Chasers Dating – Online Dating Tips For Men Looking For Big, Beautiful Women

Dating is all about having fun and finding someone who you feel comfortable with. No group defines this fun dating scene better than chubby chasers, men looking for love with big and beautiful women. These online dating tips show you how to flirt with a BBW online, and how to find that great date that you are looking for.

Chubby Chasers Dating

1. Prove that you like yourself…not that you love yourself. There is a fine line to walk online between coming off too needy or too confident. If you come across as having a lot of “issues” in life this will be a turn off, and like-wise if you come off too confident this will be intimidating (a big turn off). The middle ground? Prove that you are comfortable with yourself by poking fun at yourself. This lowers a woman’s defenses, and you are in.

2. Be a bit of a tease. Women find a little playful teasing a sign of comfort and acceptance. Never tease about physical features. Instead stay more general. For instance if she is a Mets fan and you are a Yankees fan you can tease her about her team.

3. Pay attention to detail. This is KEY! The best flirting technique is to show your BBW that you are interested in her as a person. Comment on something specific from her profile or her messages to you. For instance, did she mention that she goes to school, has a dog or loves to vacation at the beach? Use this info when you respond to her. For instance, “You mentioned you love the beach, one of my favorite childhood memories was when we went to the beach, and…” This is like gold for a woman.

4. Be fun. The number one quality that catches the attention of a woman online is a sense of humor. Be yourself and show your fun and playful side, and you will guarantee yourself a successful online experience.


4 Benefits of Using the Mobile Dating Apps

The mobile dating apps are a very popular type of tech that makes the dating world a lot less stressful. Even though it is still possible to use the old-fashioned blind dates, speed dating and traditional online dating sites, the ability to use the mobile phone makes the entire process that much more straightforward. Here are several helpful points related to mobile dating apps:

They are very convenient

The entire process of online dating is very convenient and easy for most people to use, but it often needs a lot of time spent in front of your laptop. However the mobile dating apps make it possible to connect with other like-minded individuals while on-the-go, and even makes it possible to connect with a potential match that is close by. So, instead of having to rush home to check on your online dating activity, the mobile apps make it possible to check the status updates whenever you want, whether you are out with friends or grocery shopping.

They simplify the process of getting to know people

Many of the latest apps integrate with the social media sites such as Facebook, which make it even easier to connect and chat to a potential date. By using the social dating techniques it is easier to find out about each other by checking each other’s social profile and seeing whether you have any mutual friends. This gives a lot of information to check before taking things any further.

They help to save a lot of time

Similar to checking the dating profile on a traditional website, you can also check the mobile dating profile while on the go. This is a great way to check the details of other parties as soon as they make a connection, and not wait until the end of the day when you may have several profiles to go through and one-time. Most of the apps make it really easy to quickly see the answers to any questions that you have submitted and also their photos which you can use to decide whether you want to take things further.

Getting setup is simple

Most of the mobile dating apps have a very quick sign-up process that relates to answering a few questions instead of having to work through a lengthy questionnaire. They make it really easy to connect with others by sending a smile, seeing who is close by, or simply flirting. The apps that make it possible to see the location of the other person mean it is even possible to have a quick phone chat and then meet up in a cafe or similar safe place shortly after.


Persevere With Online Dating in Order to Be Successful

It is important for you to realise that, even with good advice, having success with online dating will still take an effort on your part. Online dating can at times be confusing and sometimes it can also be discouraging, but if you are committed to finding that special someone, it is possible to have success. The important thing is always to persevere through both the ups and downs.

It’s quite possible that you may find stages of online dating…well, depressing. Please don’t expect to sign-up, send a few emails and find the love of your life; although this is possible it doesn’t normally happen, so please don’t treat online dating as the magic, instant answer to being single. One thing I did when meeting dates was to actually discuss my online dating experiences with my dates. Several women described feeling very discouraged at times and even said that they’d considered giving up online dating (a feeling I had occasionally myself early on). This shouldn’t depress you. I am simply trying to show you that many people experience this and suggesting that quitting might not be the best option just because things don’t go perfectly straight off. So here are some thoughts on getting over the rough patches:


From the women I’ve talked to, the biggest problem a lot of women have is that some guys can be real jerks (I’ve obviously heard worse words than this!). Although this can be also true in the outside world it is possibly more so online. The anonymity of the web empowers some people to act horribly when they wouldn’t in normal situations. For instance, I’ve been told by one friend that men she has contact with start off charming, but then start using sexual innuendo in their messages. When she didn’t respond in kind, they stopped writing, or even became abusive! (Mind you, this was on one of the free dating sites, which I don’t recommend as they have little or no moderation of members). But hey, you’ve probably met creeps like this in normal everyday life; they’re not exclusive to online dating. It’s just a shame that if you decide to quit online dating because of one or 2 incidences like this, imagine all the lovely guys you’ll never meet because of the one loser you did talk to.

If you end up being contacted in the same manner as the woman above, try a paid/membership service rather than a free dating site. I tend to find that where people have spent money, they tend to be far more serious and mature about their dating goals. Remember, with most sites you are still able to join & browse for free; you won’t pay a penny unless a man you would like to chat with contacts you. Paid sites also have extensive customer care teams that moderate messages & ensure that abusive or spam messages are filtered out.


The first few weeks (or months in my case) are likely to be the roughest. If you can stick around through this period, you’re well on your route to success. Be willing to frequently you contact new women but always be kind in the actual communication. If you’re experiencing frustration with your dating, do NOT let it come through in any of the communications and definitely don’t become so disillusioned that you contact every single woman without even looking at her profile If you feel you’re getting nowhere, then take a break & come back to it when you feel more open to trying. As per the outside world, it is likely that you are going to have to make an effort to contact women, although saying that, it is also possible that a woman will feel more comfortable contacting you first via this method, than in a bar etc..

You may also find it helpful to sign up with more than one service & try a different approach to your profile on each. Obviously, don’t make anything up, but perhaps focus on your character & emotions on one & your leisure time & activities on another. My experience when online dating was that like buses, my dates either were completely absent, or came along three at a time!! I either had no dates or I was swimming in them. I signed up for 2 services and sometimes one service would seem a complete loss, when the other was providing lots of contacts; then it would turn around!

Hope you will find this information helpful and remember: success with online dating is possible, but only with persistence!


The Best Online Dating Tips for a Casual Sex Relationship

With so many opportunities to find someone online to share a casual sex relationship, it’s important to understand that the rules of this kind of encounter are a bit different from a traditional dating relationship. To properly navigate this type of dating you need to know the best online dating tips so you can have a great time, be smart, and be safe.

One of the best adult online dating tips for you to embrace is to approach the whole situation with an attitude of having fun. Casual sex is, well, casual. The fun in it is that you can lower the barriers that you might normally erect when meeting somebody new. This opportunity to just breathe and allow yourself to enjoy the moment is what draws couples to a casual sex relationship.

Very often in a traditional dating relationship there is always the concern of what kind of protocol is proper. How many dates must you go on before you have the first sensual kiss or have sex for the first time? How soon should you call the other person after a great date? How do you avoid that person after a horrible date? These types of questions are eliminated when adults meet for the same purpose through an online dating forum.

Another great online dating tip is to be very clear about your expectations. If you are looking for the love of your life and you hook up with someone who just wants to relieve some stress with a casual sex relationship, then someone is going to wind up being hurt. Be sure that if you are just out for a good time that you communicate that to a potential partner. Without that honesty, you can wind up with a completely different type of stress!

Ok, now that we have covered how to have fun in a casual sex relationship, let’s talk about how to be smart. This online dating tip is not what you are going to expect. Be smart when you put your online profile together. You are marketing yourself so for a moment put on the hat of an ad agency or marketer. Need some help? Take a look at the profiles of your competition – other men or women that are available to the very people you want to attract. Yes, I said competition! What can you do or say in your profile that is going to have someone start chatting with you and not that other guy or gal? Take a good picture, highlight your features, and buy all means ladies brush your hair! I’ve seen some pretty horrific profile pictures.

The final online dating tip covers the area of safety. My motto is that it’s only fun when it’s safe. It should be no surprise that condoms are a must – no matter how clean the other person appears. The other online dating tips for safety are to meet for the first time in a public place, always be sure to drive your own car or have your own mode of transportation available, let others know where you are going, trust your instincts, and if you plan on getting smashed and you’re in a strange city write down the name of the hotel you are staying at somewhere so you know where to have the taxi driver drop you off. Trust me on this last one.


Millionaire Match – The Pros of Online Dating

There are a considerable amount of factors that draw people into online dating. Some are for practical reasons, others for personal reasons, but whatever reasons you have, the fact that you have reasons is in itself a justification why you should date online.

As you must already be aware of, there are virtually thousands of online dating websites out there, but you need to discover one that fits you and will serve your purpose.

Here are some pro’s or advantages of online dating features that you may find useful:

1. Privacy. This is such an issue in any dating website. Most, if not all pay sites, try to protect all its members who are into millionaire dating through rendering members anonymous, no matter the line of communication. Choose a site which will screen profiles in such a way that no personal information is shown on a member’s profile page, to ensure utmost privacy. So whether a user is using its email, messaging, or chat systems, it assures a safe way to communicate with other singles who are looking for friends, dates, or partners.

2. Speed. Most online dating sites has designed some powerful tools to help members find their ideal match. They boast direct searching, interactive matching, and downloadable chat, which allows members to monitor their contacts, even when they’re not browsing the actual website. This sure beats spending several hours in futile search while sitting in a club, waiting to be noticed, doesn’t it?

3.Wide Variety Of Profiles. Dating sites offer an extensive number of member profiles to choose from. Thus, a wider variety of people that may share the same interest as yours, or have the same goals, even share the same favorite things with you. The possibilities are endless! This is way better than getting set up with a friend of your mom’s or aunt’s or sister’s just because they think that they share a common interest with you, and then coming out on a date just to discover, that no, they don’t.


Trend Of Making Friends And Romance With Online Dating

Online dating websites create the opportunity for people to meet potential partners and friends online. Although many people go out specifically looking to find romance, the general trend is that most people upload a profile to a social networking website and meet partners online in much the same way that you would offline. When you go out of your way to find a date, it is often much harder than leaving it to come along naturally when you meet someone who you click with. When you meet someone and immediately show an interest in them, it can be difficult to really get to know each other when there is a pressure that your relationship has to materialize into one of romance. When you take a more laid back approach, you can remain friends with some people, and consider dating those that you feel you have made a bond with.

Online social networking sites are also great to meet potential partners because of the relative anonymity that you can maintain from the outset. The same goes with meeting friends as well; you can talk to them without having to share your telephone number, address and other personal information which is obviously necessary for a relationship offline. Therefore choosing not to email them back or even not to respond in the first place is perfectly acceptable etiquette and you will not have to worry about any consequences that could prevail.

On the other hand, when you do meet someone that you like, the anonymity offered by the internet is potentially less favorable – you have no way to verify they are who they say they are. That is why when you meet someone you met online for the first time, it is best to suggest a meeting in a busy place, and to consider suggesting that you both bring friends along with you. Not only will this be safer, it will also be less uncomfortable since you will both have people there that you know.

Many people who are nervous offline find meeting people online much easier, and that can be true of meeting friends as well. Despite that, you should keep in mind that should you wish for your online relationship to flourish offline you need to remain true to who you are, and the way that you are comfortable of acting and conducting yourself. Although you may be tempted to tell white lies in order to entice the person to like you more, it is very important that you stay true to yourself.

When you go on a dating site at first, you may have problems trying to find people to talk with at first since you have just started out. One great way to do this is to search the site to find people that you think you have the potential to bond with. If your offline friends participate as well, you could start talking with their friends, and friends of their friends, and so on. Over time you can be sure to meet great new people from all around the world.